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Organic Body Treatment Candle for Meditation, Anxiety & Third Eye Cleansing w/ Indigo Lotus Candle Holder

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1 ounce clean burning treatment candle with Indigo Lotus Candle Holder


especially formulated for meditation, relaxation, & aligning the third eye chakra.

Contains chamomile flowers for a calming effect.  The essential oil blend has uplifting and euphoric properties.  All combined to help support the body in relaxation, meditation and aligning the brow chakra.

To use your natural remedy ointment candle simply light candle while setting your intention for health and alignment. Let burn until amount of wax you would like to use pools.  Extinguish flame let wax cool, and apply your candle ointment to your third eye chakra, temples and back of neck.   

Suggested use:  Massage your natural candle ointment to the third eye chakra or in between eye brows, temples and back of neck 3-4 times daily.  This is a traditional remedy that supports your body's ability to align itself. 

Not for use on children under the age of 6. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Warning: Contains photosensitive essential oils, please wash off after use or avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic chamomile flower, essential oils of: myrtle, bergamot, lavender, angelica root, & vitamin E for natural preservative.

The candle ointment is made of coconut oil which has microbial action that can be experienced even if coconut oil is taken externally, as the fatty acids boost immunity when converted to monocaprins and monolaurins. Beeswax, when heated, emits negative ions into the air that weigh down the positive ions (pollution) in your air. This process makes the air you breathe a pure & clean.

If symptoms persist please seek medical assistance.

The Lotus Flower is recognized universally as a symbol of peace and serenity. In an effort to create a more mindful meditation, yoga practice or peaceful space Good JuJu’s 1 oz. candles artfully fit perfectly with these handcrafted, fair trade lotus shaped tea light holders. Handmade & Fair trade from the Philippines out of Capiz shell and other natural materials; The unique interplay between light and chakra colors work in tandem to create a heightened energy balancing experience. *Safe for lit candles on a flat surface*


Reviews (1)

Love ❤

Written by Vanessa on Nov 25th 2016

The candle holder is so cute and looks so nice in my bedroom and the candle is amazing!

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