Scents to Boost Your Spirits

Scents to Boost Your Spirits

Published by Jess Crocker on Mar 28th 2020

Many people use scents to boost their spirits, 

some use them to relax, others like certain scents because they make them feel sexy- I like my wardrobe of perfume to do ALL of that Plus +! 

Often without realizing scents do so much more than we notice. There’s even a name for the science behind this: ‘aromachology’. Aromachology is the study of how odors influence human behavior and examining the relationship between feelings and emotions. It analyzes feelings such as relaxation, exhilaration, sensuality, happiness, and well-being brought about by scents stimulating the olfactory pathways in the brain and, in particular, the limbic system.* (sited from wikipedia)

It is scientifically proven that different aromas can have a huge impact on emotions and moods – not just personally, but also affecting those around you. (if you are home schooling like me right now & need your kids to chill out- Try our LAZY DAZE blend).

Here is my go to wardrobe of perfumes these days:

  • Boost my Spirits: this one gets me excited about spring and brighter days ahead: SPRING FEATURED BLEND: Cucumber, Tuberose, & White Tea.
  • Calm & Grounding: when the Covid-19 Pandemic makes my mind spin and I need to feel earthy & calm I turn to MY NEW BLEND: SANTAL OM- Rich deep blend of Sandalwood, Amber, Cedar Wood & Vanilla.
  • Nostalgic & Sweet: A delicious Almond Blend that reminds me of my Mom’s Almond Oil from the 80’s. Make it yours in our Custom Options: I like TOP NOTE: ALMOND, MIDDLE NOTE: COCONUT, BASE NOTE: VANILLA.
  • Relaxed & Seductive: My forever go to is ZEN MILK- If you haven’t tried this blend, TREAT YOURSELF -there is a reason it is our top seller.

With a breeze of Zen Milk & Fresh Ocean Air-

Yours in health & wellness,


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