Quarantine is making me fall in love

Quarantine is making me fall in love

Published by Keseh Morgan on May 9th 2020

I have the feels. Amazing! I am not talking about falling in love with another person but rather myself.

In all the years I have lived, I have always been last. Sound familiar? Maybe I had an occasional splurge on a massage or birthday spa day with friends but, even this is not possible at the moment.

On the bright side, there is so much time to give myself with a ridiculous amount of attention. Even with this new self-time and self love, there is still time to bake bread, fold clothes, zoom and in the end allow myself time to settle in. Some of my happiest moments these days are those spent by myself, Yes, alone- but I only get this time in my bathroom. 

This is the time to finally let myself fall apart and pull back together in love. For all of my imperfections (there are a lot) my body has never been so happy being so lazy. Not oafish lazy but a lazy that allows for an indulgent soak, a cry, a memory of an ex- my bath time is my alone time, my ME TIME.

Enter Lazy Daze, my rescue. The smell of lavender & vanilla is my cue to exhale and look inward. Lazy Daze is a reconnection to me. The carefree excuse to slowly close the door and sink into my space and my self time. Instantly transported to a Covid free lazy daze bath; it's comforting, seductive and sweet for me and only me. I highly recommend blissing out with our bath salts. If baths are not your jam, lavender & vanilla can be customized in a body wash, buttery lotion, sensual body oil and perfume rollette.

Time to treat yourself & pamper your health™️ to California's finest relaxing bath & body bar.

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