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1 oz. Organic Therapeutic Massage Candle Votive for Aches, Pains & Balancing the Green Heart Chakra

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Travel Size 1 ounce clean burning treatment candle especially formulated for aches, pains, sore muscles, bumps, bruises, arthritic discomfort & aligning the green heart chakra.


  • To Use your Therapeutic Patented Treatment Candle simply light candle while setting your intention for health and alignment. Let burn until amount of wax you would like to use pools.  Extinguish flame let wax cool, and apply your candle ointment to your heart chakra and affected areas.
  • Suggested use:  Apply your natural candle ointment to the heart chakra and areas of discomfort 3-4 times daily.  This is a traditional remedy that supports your body's ability to heal itself. 


  • SAFE & HEALTHY: Organic Coconut Beeswax Wax Infused With 100% Pure Organic Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils.
  • Safe for Kids, Pets, Elderly, Allergy and Asthma Sufferers. No Synthetic Dyes or Unhealthy Fragrances


  • Hand Made with LOVE in the USA- We use reusable glass containers & Lead-Free Organic Cotton Wicks. Non-Toxic, Non-GMO, and Biodegradable. 


  • Organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic arnica herb, essential oils of: bay laurel, peppermint, juniper, cinnamon, clove bud, patchouli, & vitamin E for natural preservative.
  • Contains arnica for pain and swelling.  The essential oil blend uses increased heat to stimulate circulations sending fresh blood for quicker healing and pain relief.  All combined to help support the body in healing and aligning the heart chakra.


  • The candle ointment is made of coconut oil which has microbial action that can be experienced even if coconut oil is absorbed externally, as the fatty acids boost immunity when converted to monocaprins and monolaurins. Beeswax, when heated, emits negative ions into the air that weigh down the positive ions (pollution) in your air. This process makes the air you breathe a pure & clean.


  • Beware of Organic Soy Wax Candles with "Natural" Fragrances. These Synthetic Fragrances Create Toxic Air Pollution in Your Home. Potentially Hazardous Chemicals, Such As Benzene and Toluene Can Damage the Brain, Lung & Central Nervous System, Also Developmental Difficulties. Phthalates are Unhealthy & Harmful, Especially For People with Allergies. Look out for Toxic Waxes & Non-Organic Cotton Wicks, they May Contain Lead and Heavy Metals; Always Burn Organic.


  • A tree is planted with every product purchased. Good JuJu Apothecary has teamed up with Eden Projects to help plant trees & save lives.

If symptoms persist please seek medical assistance.

Not for use on children under the age of 6. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. 

Reviews (4)

Fantastic for massaging into achy muscles!

Written by Abigail Morgan on Feb 23rd 2017

As a former massage therapist and current Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, I can say this is one of my favorite oils to use for massage. I've used it on patients with myalgia (achy muscles), arthritis, sprains and strains, and neck pain. I use it on my own forearms which get sore from work, mothering and life, and I use it on my kids' feet at bedtime. It's very grounding, and has a lovely aromatic, minty smell that's not overpowering at all. I love that this oil isn't greasy, and provides just the right amount of glide. I'm on my 3rd shipment and can't get enough!

Great for aches and pains for tween

Written by undefined on Dec 6th 2016

Bought this for my daughter who is active in sports. On those days when her legs and knees will hurt, we use this at bedtime to soothe her aches and help her go to sleep. She especially loves the ritual of blowing out the candle, stating her intentions and using the tiny spoon. Very, very calming. Just ordered our second jar.

Smells amazing and works great!

Written by Karen on Dec 5th 2016

I won one of these treatment candles in a contest about a month ago and was having some foot pain so I decided to try it out on my foot. Not only does it smell AMAZING, but the next morning I didn't have any more pain! These candle treatments are so easy to use-- just light for a minute or two, blow out the flame and let sit for a minute. Dig a little out with the cutest spoon ever and rub into affected areas. So lovely! I bought another one to gift this holiday to an avid athlete-- I think she will love it! Thanks for making such amazing products! :)

Wonderful scent and very soothing

Written by Michelle Maluwetig on Nov 28th 2016

I had a terrible week last week in terms of aches; fell down the stairs on my bum and then I started an intense workout boxing. I used the warm wax twice a day to the area that would have been bruised and I believe it helped avoid bruising. The muscle ache from post workout continued, but I think it was a bit reduced. Either way the smell was great!

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